McMillan Wildlife Control is a family-owned and independently operated wildlife pest control company serving the East Tennessee area with the highest quality pest control services since starting our business eighteen years ago. As development and urban sprawl consume more land, wildlife habitat is not necessarily lost. Quite the contrary, wildlife either adapts or dies, and most wildlife species are thriving in urban and suburban habitat. Wildlife biologists and researchers are finding higher carrying capacities within urban sprawl areas compared to rural and wilderness areas.  Wildlife do not realize they are trespassing when they damage your property or invade your home. When wildlife does damage or becomes a nuisance, it may become necessary to trap and relocate them to a more rural area or wildlife management area.


Due to an increasing number  of rabies within East Tennessee, current state regulations prohibit the relocation of skunk, raccoon and coyote. Most all other wildlife can be relocated. McMillan Wildlife Control is licensed by Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) and is fully insured.

When Mike McMillan started his small company, he wanted to build the kind of reputation that other people would want to emulate. He built this business on fair practices, giving the customer a good service for a fair price and letting his satisfied customers send him additional business by telling their friends.



Our mission is to exceed every customer's expectation, and to set a new standard for wildlife damage control service.  Our goal is to provide you with the best service available at a fair price. We will always treat our customers as we ourselves want to be treated.





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